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Ellie Celarek

Trainer & Owner
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A bit about

Ellie Celarek Classical Riding


Once Upon A Time,


Ellie started taking riding lessons when she was five years old and shortly after, dedicated her life to the study and riding of the horse. She was active in her 4-H group competing and earning Grand Champion Working Hunter Over Fences at the Ohio state fair at age thirteen. Age thirteen was also when she began her teaching career in equitation. Then Ellie was a member of the USEA Area VIII Young Riders Program and from there went off to college to major in equine management.

While attending Midway College she also trained and studied in the United Kingdom at Bishop Burton College enrolled in the Bsc. (hons) Equine Science Program. Bishop Burton is known for producing excellent,well educated and capable riders, instructors, trainers, coaches and breeders. Fields of study included equine bio mechanics, the equestrian athlete, training and exercise, reproduction & stud management, veterinary science, therapy and rehabilitation, alternative therapies, and advances in equine science and technology. Bishop also included riding instruction, and the completion of her internship. Ellie was also given the opportunity to ride the instructors personal horses to further her training in eventing and dressage. Ellie rode in the Advanced Instructors (soon to be BHS instructors) classes and rode several advanced level eventing horses at Bishop as well as upper level show jumpers and dressage horses. Also while attending Midway College Ellie was a member of the Eventing Team, Dressage Team , IHSA Hunt, and IHSA Stock Seat teams riding in the open divisions winning numerous high point rider and high point team awards.


Classical Riding LLC was started four years by Ellie after completing her degree at Midway College; helping people in many disciplines attain their equestrian goals. Although she specializes in Dressage and Eventing, she competed in AERC endurance rides on an arabian stallion for a season and also rounded up a section for a polocrosse tournament. Currently Classical Riding LLC leases horses to students, and has begun a small breeding program to develop talented and good minded eventing horses for the eventing community and to personally chase those upper level goals.


Accomplished trainers and competitors Ellie has trained under

Dagmar Zimmerman-Classical Dressage

Jerry Schwartz-Dressage

Jimmy Wofford-Eventing

Karen O'Connor-Eventing

Dorothy Trapp Crowel-Eventing

Manuel Roncollo-Eventing

Cathy Wieshhoff-Eventing

Mark Combs-Eventing

Mary King – Eventing

Bobby Dryer-Hunters

Robin Walker - Eventing

Shelby Hume-Reining/Natural Horsemanship

Ann Paling-BHS (British Horse Society) examiner/instructor


Classical Riding's mission is  "Creating value in horses and improving the 

skills of riders  in all manners of 


Princess Song Of Joy 2018
Clients whale watching
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Willoughby over the truck with Terah Pri
Working student Terah Primack
Princess Song Of Joy AECs 
Picture credit JJ Jayhawk Sillman
FWF Princess Shatka wins South Farm HT for the second time.
Georgian Grand Horse Of The Year for eventing FWF Princess Shatka
2017_12_31EOS 7D 5113.jpg

Joy, Shatka's younger sister also gets Georgian Grande horse of the year for eventing . This is a hunter pace in Florida.

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