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Classical     Riding

Creating value in horses and improving the skills of riders  in all manners of  horsemanship.

Ellie Celarek


Classical Riding

Hi!  At Classical Riding we teach and train using the classical principles of dressage and jumping. 

We take horses in for training, start young horses, exercise school masters, teach lessons, lease horses, sell horses, take students to shows, breed eventing horses and have a working student program.


 I have competed and trained in many additional disciplines and have a well rounded perspective on how to develop a horse and rider.

My goals as a rider and competitor are to ride a happy and motivated equine athlete and to train and breed horses that will meet the demands of modern eventing for myself and my fellow riders.

Other Disciplines? Yep!


Cross Country 

Show Jumping

Fox Hunting



Natural Horsemanship

Trick Training- Spanish Walk etc

Starting & training foals & horses thru competition age

Breed Inspections & Kurings

Investment Horses

Musical Group Rides (totally the best)


Western & Huntseat

Saddleseat / five-gaited / Roadsters / Hackney pony

The Riding School

Lessons are given Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We attend a lot of schooling shows and other fun horse activities as well as USEA events and other sanctioned competitions.

Summer in Ohio April-November

Winter in Florida December- March

We have limited school horses available for leasing and lessons. 

We almost always have sale horses and soon we will have quality foals with good brains, and talent for eventing!

Working Student Program works really well here!  Call about it! 513-378-7492 


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